Who We Are


Viutravel is Kenya’s first homegrown, locally relevant online booking platform dedicated to showing the explored and unexplored sides of Kenya.


Viutravel is designed to cater to the traveler, by providing an end-to-end solution covering all aspects of their travel plan through one trusted platform. This brings together service providers and prospective clients through the elimination of silos in the industry.


Viutravel gives service providers (suppliers) the opportunity to showcase their products, and allows the travelers (guests) a platform to shop, prospect, and plan their adventures and experiences within their own comfort.


Suppliers will be able to leverage Royal Media Services (RMS) marketing potential and database which has over 7M+ TV viewers per day, 10M+ Radio listeners per day, 52M+ Social Media reach per month & 30M+ Digital platforms monthly page views, hence exposing their products and services to a broader market and save on costs while doing so.


Viutravel aims to provide the Kenyan tourism industry with solutions that encompass the entire guest travel journey. On the platform, guests will be able to:


  • Book hotels
  • Book flights 
  • Hire cars or request transfers
  • Book holidays
  • Book various activities and experiences
  • Package a customized itinerary from different suppliers at one go
  • Ease of payments via a trusted source
  • Save time by accessing all their options in one platform at the comfort of their devices.


For the suppliers, Viutravel will enable them to:


  • Be in charge of the content loaded to the platform
  • Have access to an agent dashboard
  • Access reports and performance statistical data
  • Promote their services to a broader market
  • Reduce costs related to advertising and marketing
  • Be bookable and available 24/7/365
  • Attract their ideal guests


Viutravel is committed to creating travel convenience that allows anyone travelling within Kenya to plan and book their travels, either business or leisure, trips, getaways, and experiences.


This is Kenya.

Dream. Explore. Discover. 

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