Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Who is Viutravel? 

We are Kenya's first online travel booking platform dedicated to showing the explored and unexplored sides of Kenya.   

We give you a host of choices that can be tailored to suit your ideal travel experience. We host a variety of unique local experiences which traverse into unexplored parts of Kenya, giving you a travel experience like no other. 


How can you reach us? 

Find us on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn or through our website.


Is it possible to cancel my reservation? 

Depending on the service provider's cancellation policy, you can cancel your booking. Keep an eye on the policies before making or finalizing a reservation. 


Is it possible to amend or cancel a non-refundable reservation? 

Depending on the service(s) booked and the policies attached to it, we recommend you contact the provider or reach out to us for assistance. 


How will I know if my reservation has been cancelled? 

If you cancel a booking with us, you should receive an email confirmation of this cancellation.  

Check your inbox as well as your spam/junk mail folders. 

Please Contact Us to confirm your cancellation if you have not received an email within 24 hours. 

Keep an eye on the cancellation policies applicable for the reservation.


When will my booking be charged, and by whom? 

Viutravel facilitates payment of the applicable product or service for and on behalf of the service provider once the reservation process is complete and payment is confirmed. 

Payment confirmation is relayed via phone/email depending on the payment method.


Is it possible to pay for my services with a different credit/debit card other than the one I used to book? 

Viutravel offers different services on its platform. If you have completed one transaction and would like to book another service on our platform, you can use a different card or payment method for it. 


Is there a deposit or advance payment required for your products? 

Different products are attached to different cancellation policies. Some may require advance payment, some are non-refundable, while others may have flexible policies. Keep an eye on the applicable policies of the service you have chosen before completing the transaction. 


Do I have to give my credit/debit card information? 

Viutravel provides you with safe and secure payment options. When completing your transactions, payment information will be required to confirm the service. All this is done safely and securely via the Viutravel booking portal. 


What should I do if the service provider charges me? 

We encourage you to Contact Us in case of a double charge on a confirmed booking done via Viutravel. The service provider may charge you directly for any extra incurred costs above the confirmed amount on your booking voucher. 


Reservation Information 

Is it possible to make modifications to my reservation? i.e., adjust the dates. 

This is dependent on the services booked and the policies that apply to the service. In case of any modifications, kindly contact the service provider with the details provided on your confirmation voucher or Contact Us for assistance. 


Where can I learn more about the service provider's amenities? 

The amenities of the service provider will be detailed in your booking voucher and confirmation email. 


I cannot seem to locate my booking voucher. So, what should I do now? 

Sign in to your registered account on www.viutravel.com to access and view your confirmed bookings.

Check your email inbox/spam/junk folders for your confirmation voucher.   


How do I get an invoice?  

Always contact the service provider directly if you require an invoice for services rendered. 



What is included in the overall price? 

Based on the service booked and applicable policies, you will see a breakdown of the inclusions before making the final payments. Also, check your confirmation voucher for all the details. Prices loaded on Viutravel are inclusive of government taxes. 


Are all relevant local taxes applicable? 

Yes, all costs are inclusive of taxes. 

This information is also available in your booking voucher and as you make a booking. 


Do I have to pay the full cost of my child? 

Check applicable child policies attached to the service being booked.

Credit/Debit Cards 

Is it possible to make a reservation without using my credit/debit card? 

Viutravel offers an option of mobile money payment for those seeking alternative payment methods. 


Which card payments are acceptable? 

We accept the following credit/debit cards when booking through Viutravel: 

  • Visa 

  • Mastercard 

Is the information I provide about my credit/debit card secure? 

Viutravel provides a safe and secure payment platform on our site according to international industry standards. 

Supplier Information & Policies 

Viutravel offers different types of services dependent on the policies of the service providers. We endeavour to provide the correct and up-to-date details of the information that our suppliers provide on our platform. Kindly read through the fine print when making a booking to ensure you get the best experience possible.